Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tightarse 2009

Fun Ways to Save Money in 2009
1. Use coupons. I was so excited by the discovery of the mum's Entertainment Guide, and attendant vouchers to things like Sovereign Hill, Greater Onion and the Pancake Parlour, that I started a Facebook group called Coupon Madness. But then I was so embarassed I didn't invite anyone to join. As a person of semi-Asian extraction I can say this: Asians love coupons, so maybe I am not totally comfortable with my ethnicity. Or something.
2. Indulging my op-shopping mania. I'm thinking about resurrecting my ramekin collection.
3. Barter with people. We have figs, pomegranates, lemons, plums and pears in our back garden - surely someone wants to swap something with us? Also I make really great hot cross buns, and I am good at whipping people's writing into shape.
4. Utilise my whole free-ticket-at-the-Nova deal more often.
5. Utilise the very sweet borrowing CD's and DVD's arrangement at my work.
6. Go to the library.
7. Become lawless and learn how to sneak into gigs and festivals and other ticketed events.
8. Stay in and cook elaborate feast-like dinners.
9. Continue to grow my hair. This project never lasts past my ears. After that it will convert to: let my (non-hairdressery and usually drunk) friends cut my hair.

Ways I Will Not Be Saving Money In 2009
1. Buying Vitasoy instead of Bonsoy.
2. Drinking cheap whiskey.
3. Forgoing cafe brunches or takeaway when hungover and/or miserable and/or overworked.
4. Forgoing my occasional pummelling at the Sparkly Bear chinese massage place.
5. Not replacing my tatty underwear. Double negative - that's confusing.

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