Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Att: Friends Who Like Fun...

...your Friday colouring in deadline is looming. Hup to it! I know those renegade martini colour innerers have been busy. Tash went quiet for a whole hour and has now submitted her entry. I noticed she has a very nice set of Derwents. And her pencils aren't bad either. Esther has been trash talking like Ali about how magnificent her entry is. You know what you have to do...


  1. Me and my Derwents have done something pretty special. And my colouring's not bad either (Wa hey!)

    Bring it, people!

  2. I have a stack of entries here from the renegades!
    Will leave them on your doorstep some time soon, cherie. Oh the glitter, the feathers, the sexual innuendo!

    (have also been blogging like a mofo of late, so feel free: