Friday, June 12, 2009

The Inaugural Long Blinks Colouring Competition

Sharpen your pencils people, check which of your textas haven't been left in the drawer without their lids on - it's colouring time!

Welcome to the inaugural Long Blinks colouring competition for adult people. For the origins of the competition, please see below. 

You've got two weeks to colour in a masterpiece. I don't want to be too prescriptive, but the kids in my work colouring competition were big on glitter and stickers and smudging and random heart-sprinkling and watercolour and full-page-colouring-in-WALL-OF-COLOUR extravaganzas. You've got some big shoes to fill. 

The prize will be tailored to the winning entry/ies. As I work in a bookstore it will involve a book. And as it's gonna be a cold, hard winter it will also involve alcohol.

OK, there is nothing more to do than to unveil the masterpiece you will colour: Dinosaur Eats A Souvlaki Watched By A Robot. Unfortunately the unveiling is metaphorical as it is extremely difficult to publish PDFs on Blogger. Instead email me to be sent this wonderful blank canvas for your work. 

Entries due by Friday 26th June 5pm. Email them to me at, or post them to me (you all know where I live, but if you don't, then email me and I'll assess your stalking capabilities). 

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