Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Shane Warne Drink Coaster

The last thing I want to do - in a year where he even has his own musical - is to give Shane Warne any more free publicity, however...
Last year as part of my publishing course, we had a guest lecturer talk about book marketing in all its varied and lovely forms. Most of our guest lecturers brought booty along for us: logoed pens, sample chapters, bookmarks, reading copies. However the marketing lecturer gave us something that has really gone the distance: a Shane Warne coaster advertising his biography Spun Out.
It's a cheap crappy cardboard coaster, but it sits proudly on my desk a year later. I like to place cups of tea upon Shane's squinting, blonde-tipped head. I don't know why I like this coaster so much. Possibly it's the quote on the back:

`He is a walking paradox.
He is supremely confident,
yet profoundly insecure.
He is brilliant
but also a buffoon.
He is generous and thoughtful,
but utterly self-obsessed...'

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